COD4 Community Launcher

COD4 Community Launcher 0.6

COD4 Community Launcher helps you keep in touch with the latest COD4 news
0.6 (See all)
Thomas 'Tomme' Elvey

- Latest TEK9 News and Forum Posts
- Update your COD4 with ease and keeps your ProMod up to date
- Launch your COD4 with custom commands such as: /connect 10.10.10; password war123
- A list of the most popular ProMod servers along with your own personal server list
- Join any server in the list by simply double clicking its name
- Enjoy the latest movies, simply double click any move in the list and watch
- Download the latest demos for you to watch and learn from
- The launcher will automatically check your current active config for any bad commands and warn you so you don't get banned
- Download and use PB Setup at a click of a button, no more trying to find it
- The latest coverage from LANS covered by TEK9
- Customize your background simply edit the images in the /ui/ folder

Requires .NET Framework 3.5, default in Windows 7. If you don't have it, it will be installed for you.

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